choosing a web designer mock book

Free ebook: Guide For Choosing a Web Designer

This plain talking guide helps you choose a web designer:
  • Questions to ask: get a better understanding of how to choose a web designer. what questions should you be asking?
  • Skills: what skills should your web designer have?  Aside from technical skills, what other skills should they possess? 
  • Save Money: making the wrong choice in website platform, web hosting, domain name or designer could cost you a lot of money, and possibly even your business. Make sure you understand what to know and ask.

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What People Are Saying
(these are made up!)

Local Business Owner


“I'm not technical and find techie stuff confusing, but this guide was really useful.  It helps me understand what I need to ask.”

Mrs Smith


“I need a website for my business, but  I wasn't sure how to go about it. I found the advice in this ebook helpful. Thanks!

Even though this is made up, just go and click the button above and download the pdf ebook already!”

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